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I'm half Scottish and half Redneck...

... so whenever I put on my kilt, I have to beat myself up because I think I may be gay.

Last night, having my tutoring cancel on me, I went back to the City. Do we see a pattern here? *grins* Booger's supervisor was in the semi-finals for "Funniest Man With A Day Job" at a comedy club. So, I picked up a hitchhiker heading back to his home in Quebec (his name is Julien), ate Booger's food, and had a few drinks while everyone (including myself) had a few laughs.

And, my boss at the shoe store phoned me that night to see if I wanted another shift. Damn.

So, now I'm back in my humble city realising that I have to eventually get ready for work, but more pressing is that my Dad and his gal return tomorrow. All the things that I meant to do around the house need to get done NOW! *groans* But I don't wanna be productive and clean up after myself. I don't wanna....

P.S. Hey Chica: very excited to see that you got a journal! Welcome aolfe, whatever that name is supposed to mean.... *grins*


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Aug. 26th, 2004 09:31 am (UTC)
the name
For your interest, the name is irish for life-because of Ragnorok, the game the hubby and I play, I needed a kewl unique name and since my chick is a healer, I thought it fit..
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