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Shoeperson Pro In Training

Good news: I learned how to use the cash register and debit machine today. Small, but important in my world. Celebrated by having fishbowls with Rocko and Jo. That's right, the equivalent of 3 drinks poured into an actual fishbowl. Mmmmmmmmmm.... but don't get anything that involves milk. *groans* But that's another story....

Bad news: I realise that in order to understand the shoe world, I have to become more "mainstream". Yep, bought a pair of Airwalk Clogs today (good ol' Airwalk promotion going on). I feel the trendiness invading my soul. But how could I resist... they are so furry and comfy....

And Rocko, no matter how hard you and da boss try, I will never buy pink shoes. NEVER! *clutches her blanket while rocking back and forth*