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Saturday came and went. Had another date with Knife Man to the ever-romantic movie Alien Vs. Predator. *grins* The movie was great! I haven't seen a good sci-fi in awhile, and I felt this one fit the bill. Excellent plot and effects! So, if you are all the tiniest bit interested, go see it!

After the movie, we went to a local tavern (yes, we have one in this city)and had appetizers and beer. As a side note, I like Stella beer as well. Anyway, talked to Knife Man and made it clear that I wasn't looking for anything remotely romantic... and he didn't have a problem with that! Excellent. Walked back to his place, met his beautiful lab named Amber, and then walked home. Good night overall....

And since then, I have been slowly going through my apartment. The school district up North where I submitted my resume is looking through them today. Best case scenario: if I defeat all odds, I will have a week to move and get ready. So, depending on my work schedule next weekend (since I have already planned this one for drinking and a Bar-B-Que), I may actually have a garage sale. Anyone in this area that wants to get rid of their crap, let me know! *grins* I thought about baking some goodies for it as well, but the impending lawsuits have deterred me slightly...


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Aug. 25th, 2004 09:19 am (UTC)
Hey Jez, Lemme know if you get that job, cause I'll pop in to see if there's anything I like, and float ya somemore money. Love you!
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