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First things first...

Things are going well in the Land O' Jez. I'm still visiting the lovely state of Denial. *grins* It's just starting to hit me that I am moving. The past 6 years here I have made a life for myself, and I don't know if I'm quite ready to move on yet....

... but the school year won't wait for me and my melodramatic whinings. So, onwards and upwards!

Yesterday was Bo Beri's birthday. Now she joins the ranks of the 24-year-olds. *laughs manically* As a gift, I gave her everything out of my freezer. *chuckles* No Bo Beri, I do have something else for you, but since you read this blimey journal, you will have to wait till Saturday to find out!

In other news: My mother, thinking I'm totally incompetent and hysterical, decided to come in yesterday to help. *shrugs* Hey, maybe she does know me better than I do, on the hysterical part. Remember, I'm in denial? Anywho, she and my step-father packed up my kitchen while I went out for supper. I like this arrangement. *grins* As well, we rented Starsky and Hutch yesterday. Rating: Amusing. Dooooooooo it!

And now.....


Yes, Booger and I finally got our tattoos. It's a little Mr. Ragamuffin from the comic series Lenore: The Little Dead Girl (or something like that) from the Wedgies collection. It is on the front of our left shoulder right above what Pen Girl likes to call the flabby skin "armpit meat". Mmmmmmmmm... *crosses eyes* No pic as of yet....


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Sep. 2nd, 2004 04:35 pm (UTC)
are you a biker chick now? cuz of the tatoo I mean...
okay well just thought I'd stop in and say, through good times and bad times I'll be on you side forever more, that's what friends are for.

Sep. 4th, 2004 08:59 pm (UTC)
*wipes away tear* Oh JB... I love it when you recite music lyrics to me and use it as conversation....

*grins* I'll miss you and Champ.
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