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One day down...

Today wasn't that bad. Good food, that's for sure!

Today began with a "meet-and-greet" breakfast at the high school. Mmmmmm.... good cheese tea biscuits. *drools* They are one of my weaknesses. Then a general meeting at 10 a.m. I looked at my nice little folder with my name on it, saw the groovy day planner included, and read my class list. It appears that I only have 10 students. I believe I will be getting more, but this isn't a bad start! Plus, I finally got one of those infamous "red teacher's marks" spiral books. Oh, you know the kind...

Got to met my Educational Assistant. Good news: she's really cool and she told me that the program is excited to have someone new coming in. The Bad News: she's the superintendent's daughter. *shrugs* No biggie.... as long as they still pay me through all of the mistakes I'm going to make....

Or, better yet, write me up a contract. *crosses eyes*

Then there was another meeting this afternoon followed by a wine and cheese shindig. I restrained myself from the wine (since my mother was concerned that I was going to get absolutely plastered *rolls eyes*) but I had enough cheese sandwiches and veggies to cover my supper. *burps and grins* Hey, at least I resisted the urge to smuggle food into my purse....

I think that it's going to be okay.


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Sep. 9th, 2004 09:39 am (UTC)
I thought me in tight pants was your one weekness.
You teach Johnny, you teach the world.
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