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Romance amongst the animal parts

Greetings all. This relationship-phob is on the run again.

Last summer working for the Slaughter House, I managed to be cornered into a 2 month relationship with a co-worker (check out May 15th). Well, it looks like it may happen again. For the sake of giving him a name, let's call him "Skinner Boy".

Now, Skinner Boy and I have witty and not-so-witty repertoire during work. But, he's now talking to me outside of work time, looking at me longer, and made a joke about asking me out.

What, you may ask, is the problem? After all, he does have all of his teeth. I just don't do relationships. Or, I have never had a real serious one.

I don't understand why romance tends to follow me into the Slaughter House. It's not a cute place. I wear white pants and a hoodie, and often have my hair back in a bright yellow bandana. You constantly have "helmet hair" from the hard hats we wear, my forehead is breaking out from the harsh detergents they use to wash our balaclavas, I usually have humongous sleep crusties in my eyes, bags underneath my eyes that could store my winter clothing, and usually I'm disgruntled since I'm a vegetarian that has sold out to make some fast money.

Yet, they still come. Why?!?!?!

And the sad thing is that I'm either really nice, or a doormat. So, if he asks me, I'll say yes. So, my plan of action is evasive maneuvers. This didn't work last summer, but it's all I can do... I can't function in a relationship, can I?

The poor sucker. He has no idea what he is getting himself into.