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At the lake

Thinking back, I start almost every entry with the word "so". *frowns* For an English Major, you think I would be more creative.

Soooooooooo, the rest of the week went okay. *shrugs* I have to have unit plans, lesson plans, and a rough time line for monday. *whimpers* I don't like working. Nope, not one bit. I guess I better start buying those lottery tickets...

I got paid on Wednesday. I checked my bank account to see how much I would make in a day. *grins widely* I guess they paid me for two weeks! That's over $1300, baby! *becomes a dancing foo'* Like any other crazy person with money, I was, well, crazy... and put a whole $1000 on my credit card. *sighs* I remember a time when I used to be wild and crazy....

But, I also got a Radio Shack credit card. For those that have never been to my little frozen town, Radio Shack is one of the only electronic stores here. And my first purchase? A new printer that photocopies, scans, prints, and faxes. *scratches head* In these 5-in-1 printers, what the heck is the 5th thing?!? Yes, this is exciting in my world. *grins*

And I'm currently house-sitting... again. *chuckles* My ma and step-dad traveled to the City to be with Booger when she turns 21. For those who know her, it's tomorrow, so give her a good harassing, *grins* I've been getting reacquainted with my cats (which ends up with cat hair everywhere), trying to keep the fire going in the wood stove (because it's getting quite nipply here), and thinking I should get my arse in gear. Soon. After I see what's on TV.