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Quickly updating....

What's new, you may ask? Well, mounting computer problems and time constraints have hindered my ability to verbally spew. So, let's work backwards....

Today is Convocation Ceremonies at my University. My good friend Special K, and an old roomie "G" is graduating today. So, I went. Still as long as ever. Still has people playing bagpipes. Turns out my two good friends, which I was supposed to chip in for Special K's gift with, hasn't picked anything out yet. Damn hosers.

Friday, I worked and ate out with a few people. Had a picnic with Special K, G, and G's family. I had 4 veggie burgers. Slight porker, I was.

Thursday was Opera Queen's 23rd birthday. I hired her a Nerd (basically, an adult oriented clown that insults you and flirts with you). We ate at the same park I went to on Friday (Oooooo, the variety). I gave her two blocks of cream cheese taped to a pool noodle (don't ask), we had cake at someone else's house, and went for "fish bowls". There is a lounge here that serves triple drinks in real fish bowls. Actually, I wouldn't say "we".... I drank water, dropped them off at a bar, and went to bed. That day, work was hell. I almost skinned off my arms.... twice. But, that's the price to pay when you are accident prone and work in a slaughter house, I suppose.

Fast forwarding....

Tonight, I don't know what the plan is. I was planning to get right ripped... but there is tension between my group of friends, and I don't know if I want to deal with that and alcohol. Plus, I'm in a mood. Which one, who knows?

Sorry I wasn't witty today. I waited too long to update, and I forgot all the little side comments and such I was going to make. I'll try to be more entertaining next time.