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Well, this morning wasn't any better. Yesterday was quite a handful. To sum it up, during last break, two guys pried a manhole off of the opening, a third guy jumped in, and then the two guys replaced the cover. Yes, they did let him out. *growls* I know there is "boy dumb" and it reaches moronic levels in high school, but this was more than stupid. It was dangerous. And I kicked out another student for the afternoon to "evaluate her attitude within the classroom". And then there is the flu....

This morning was rough, especially talking to the boys involved with "the manhole incident". *sighs* Yep, one of them was sent home, and we may have to get the police involved. But this afternoon was much better. Only 1/2 of the class showed up, so this gave us more of an opportunity to openly discuss how to change what is happening in the classroom. The majority of the students worked and some wrote tests that they have missed earlier. Good think I have such a rotten memory, because I almost feel like today was a good day. *crosses eyes*

Can't wait for Parent Teacher Interviews tomorrow.... *insert maniacal cackling*


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Oct. 6th, 2004 05:11 pm (UTC)
*widens eyes* So do I!!!

*grins* Thanks for the concern.
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