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Parents should be hit once in awhile

Parent Teacher Interviews were... interesting. *sighs* We have one student that has the exact profile of the people from the Taber and Columbine shootings. Verdict: He is a risk to himself and others, and is not allowed back into the program until we see some evidence of him accessing Mental Health Services. Apparently, there has been recommendations for this for years, and the mom seems to be in denial.... She kept saying, "Well, what am I supposed to do with him? I work! You are going to let him stay at home and sleep, and stay up all night. That's what he wants!". I wanted to say...
1. We are not a babysitting service.
2. He is you son, fer fooks sake! Your son should be your first priority.
3. I'm going to hit you now.

*sighs* And the best part was, since mom and dad don't talk to each other (EVER), we had this meeting twice. And I missed my lunch date with Bo Beri and some very unhealthy, greasy food.

I'm lucky that Bo Beri is very understanding, and we rescheduled for Friday, after I stood her up. *grins sheepishly* Needless to say, during these meetings, I couldn't go out or get to a phone.

Friday came and went. My admin (who is a VP at the main high school) came in and talked about "control" to my students: who has it, and how to use it. Basically, they control themselves, and when they are "out of control", they are forfeiting their control to us. The students were engaged with him and it seems the message was really getting across... until he left. Then my students resumed into the little bastards that they are. *grins* Actually, not much could phase me... IT'S FRIDAY! *chuckles* After some students skipping, and some being sent home, I only had 5 students that afternoon. Super sweet! *laughs*

And today, slightly frosty Saturday morning, and I'm slowly becoming mobile. The most responsible thing to do is to get some work done now before I go to a wedding (I'm not getting married, but I am going as Bo Beri's date). But, that reality of that happening is....