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*insert screaming Baby*

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I know that it is theoretically a short week due to Thanksgiving, but it sure feels looooong. It's not horrid or anything, my students aren't doing anything horrific, it's just been long. Discipline is starting to show (thank gawd) and things are settling down some. Also helps that I have a bunch of guest speakers and someone else teaching the majority of my first period every day! *laughs*

Baby Think It Over has started. It's an awesome program where, end result, they take care of a computerized, screaming baby. *grins* They do everything from essay writing, to research for day cares and apartments, to budgeting. This will last 16 classes. They get to wear a 35 pound "Empathy Belly" for a bit of a class (so guys and gals get to "experience" being 9 months pregnant), and for a few days, take care of Baby (with a capital "B"). These educational "dolls" are so neat. They have a little computer that records EVERYTHING: from how long it cried to how well it was taken care of to how it died (hey, it's happened due to neglect and abuse). This program has been statistically proven to reduce teenage pregnancies. I like it because it covers all of my subject areas, and it's practical. Plus, the african babies are kinda cute. *grins* They even have a "crack baby". The students get to compare the weight, and "crankiness" of a healthy baby and a baby that had a drug-using mother. *nods with approval* Very eye-opening....

Besides that, I should really stop leaving all my marking for Thursday nights. Trying to catch up for Friday reports is slowly killing me. *whimpers*