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Howdy Parnders....

Myself, Special K, and Curly Sue got together last night and drank. (Curly Sue is my room-mate from first year in University when I lived in residence) Special K bought a Bubba (mini keg of beer), Curly Sue drank Boomerangs, and I stuck to Bacardi rum products. Last night was a little weird....

So, I hopped on my trusty stallion (or, as other's would like to call it, "bike") to drop off my rent check (which I had to borrow money off my credit card to cover) and buy some hair spray. I was pedaling my little heart out when I noticed cops and cop dogs in my neighborhood. I was curious, then concerned since Special K's grad present to herself was a new bong. That was on our living room table. Ironically, it turns out that the local marijuana paraphenila store got robbed.

Then, who was rolling down the street? That's right folks, it was the Little Red Headed Boy. Earlier on that day, a blast from my drinking past phoned me, "Skullet Man". I liked Skullet Man at one point, and he always smelled good. At any rate....

So, I talked to LRHB outside for awhile. I agreed to tutor him in math since he has a test soon to get into a local community college. What the hell, I invited him in. Then the party started.

Funnels, wigs, hair spray, people out of the woodwork, and drunkeness ensued. "Champ" showed up and drank her vodka and OJ through the funnel. LRHB drank some of the Bubba and left when we went to the bar.

I hate this bar. It's a country/dance bar. They play more dance on Thursdays (Ladies Night) and Saturdays. It's brightly lit. I don't like that.... it's bad enough to see the "hottie" you have been grinding with turning out to be the Creature from the Blue Lagoon at the end of the night when they turn on the lights, but I don't need to shatter the illusion sooner than that.

At any rate, black eyeliner and fake dreads in my hair, and we were off. Ripped more money off my credit card, and bought more drinks. I can't stand to be one iota sober in that hell hole. It was okay, nothing fantastic. As we decided to leave, Curly Sue realised that she was ditched by her friends (where she was staying). So, we had to stay until after the bar closed and the crowds thinned out to see if her friend shacked up with anyone or not. Then to our local 7-11, Robin's Donuts, and cabbed home. Probably a good thing... I was invited for an after party at SKullet Man's house. He's single now, and it might have been disasterous.