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Dave Navarro is hot. You may know him from Jane's Adddiction or his brief stint with Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it doesn't matter where he is from. I enjoy looking at him. I enjoy the way his body moves. I enjoy watching him play guitar. And I have made a few observations about myself:

1. I like guys with facial hair. Not a big surprise, I suppose. But there is nothing like a groomed goatee or something of that sort to make me notice.

2. I'm a fan of big lips. Don't get me wrong, I've kissed guys with skinny lips... but there is nothing like plush lips that makes you want to knaw on them.

3. Eyes: the good ol' staple. Of course eyes make a difference. I love eye colors, the different shades that can be in them, and how they "spark".

4. I love the smell of boys. No of "sweating all day and forgot to shower" boys, but more of the products: deoderant or anti-perspirant, aftershave, cologne, even hair gel. I can't seem to get enough of those smells.

Not a big fan of small or large... body size that is. *raises eyebrow* There has been skinny guys, and not-so-skinny guys.... it's all in the face. And if he has the occasional piercing or tattoos, that's a definite plus.
And guitar players... *drools* Something about strong forearms...

*grins* Yes, today was the day where I realised I am shallow. *laughs*