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Happy Halloween!

Oh Samhain. One of my favourite times of the year. *sighs* But, I feel like I'm growing up too fast at times. No debauchery tonight. No religious undertones. Just a movie with aolfe and happygoth (my amusing roomies) and handing out candy to sugar-deprived children. And, weirdly enough, I'm absolutely satisfied with that.

For those who don't know me that well, my family is a little "different" when it comes to Halloween. *grins widely* We give out Halloween gifts. This is my Christmas. Actually, it's kinda sad that I'm not having Halloween dinner with my mom this year, but my marking procrastination has finally started biting me in the arse.

Speaking of arses... if you ever had the urge to have one of those carb-reduced instant "pastas" (kind of like SideKicks)... don't. Your arse won't be happy afterward. *groans*

Thursday went great at school. White Chicks is absolutely hilarious, and I recommend it highly (and it's only PG!). My students carved a few jack-o-lanterns and I baked the pumpkin seeds. Better yet, only one student wanted to take their pumpkin, so our house totally benefited! *grins* Jack-O-Lanterns galore! Thursday night, I had a PR committee meeting. Basically, how do we improve the image of teachers to the public. Amusing little group, and my supper consisted of a martini and deep fried veggies. Friday, I called in sick in the morning. I don't know if it was all the crap I ate on Thursday or if I just didn't feel like going in. It wasn't a huge issue since the morning was pretty easy, and I get 20 sick days... PAID! So, why not cash in half a day? I went in the afternoon and that went by quickly (since Friday afternoons is a "catch-up" period). Some of my students were starting to stress out with the approach to "Zero Day"...

I'm sick of grading stuff that we covered in the beginning of September. So, This Monday (Nov. 1st) is their last chance to hand in work from Sept. and most of Oct. or they receive a zero. We'll see how well this goes.

Yesterday was a totally relaxing day, and I loved it! I woke up at random times and read a novel. Napped whenever I felt like it. Finally got my arse in gear by 4 p.m. aolfe, a few others and I went to one of the bars to listen to Negative Inc. play. *frowns* I didn't think it was that good, to tell you the truth. Apparently, they are supposed to be impressive... when they don't drink before their show. *shrugs* A few Brown Cows, Heinekens, and MGDs later, I was making a few drunken phone calls and shambling off to bed.

*shrugs* That's it. It's amazing when I don't think anything is really new, I manage to type a whole lot. *grins* That is those amazing rambling skills at work...

And don't forget about Daylight Savings Time, people! That's an extra hour of procrastination at your disposal!