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The Monopoly Queen

I;m tired, and, yet again, I let everything pile up for Sunday. *sighs* Which is not usually a good idea since I like to bugger off mid-afternoon to se my momma at the lake for food and a visit. Please notice that "food" was mentioned first. *grins*

Last night was the LONGEST game of monopoly I have ever played. First, I didn't get in the "Against Drunk Driving Rally" last night. Hey, it was 6 bands for $5. *pouts* Feeling dejected at the fact I didn't buy tickets in advance, Happygoth picked me up again and we all started watching Harry Potter: The Philosopher's Stone" since it was on TV. I whittled away the hours until we went to Eel's around 10:30ish.

It started off with 6 of us: Eel, one of his roomies, Happygoth, aolfe, hoo_baa_joo, and myself. Happygoth and aolfe left early forfeiting whatever they had to the bank. After 2:30 a.m. (yes, you read that right), it was down to me and hoo_baa_joo Couldn't quit now, since he was also my ride and I was damn tired at this point. After 3 a.m., I was victorious.

What did I win? The ending of the game and the opportunity to crash in my bed. And crash I did. I don't think anyone realises that it is hard work becoming a winner. *chuckles* Please don't get that confused with "weiner".