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Little Pink Pills

Well, internet problems plague me, yet again, so I do not remember offhand what was the last thing I wrote. So, I shall continue in somewhat of a forward fashion....

My Slaughter House Stalker, Skinner Boy, has been ill yesterday and today. I don't know what he has, but he couldn't talk loud yesterday, and he's on antibiotics today. Poor little Skinner Boy. I was considering of buying him a "Get Well" card. Hey, I'm a nice person, why not? Then I remembered, I'm in the midst of Operation: Evasive Maneouvers. I guess a card is out of the question.

Yesterday, I had been moved from skinning to packing meat. That is not a problem, since I had spent the previous 2 summers in the Packaging department. After all, how friggin' hard is it to fill a box with meat until it's full, put a lid on it, and place it on the pallet?

As you can guess, it was harder than it sounds. Why, you may ask? Because I had Squeegee Boy (check out May 27th, 2003) as a lackey. My distaste for good ol' Squeegee Boy has grown.

He did a crappy job, he got confused when we did 2 different types of meat at once, and he tried joking around me. Normally, I'm very easy-going and I can get along with almost anyone. Please note the emphasis on almost. I think I'm prejudiced against idiots. It's quite a shame, really. I'm sure there are perfectly nice idiots out there, and I'll never give them the chance to shine.

Today was more of the same. Really, work isn't that news worthy unless I have a rant.

Moving on, I decided to restart my drug regime of birth control pills. Why, after almost a year off of them (since I wasn't having sex in any shape or form), am I going back on them? Well, my menstral cycle has stopped since then.

What do you mean "stopped"? How can you stop that?

*shrugs* I have no friggin' clue. That was fine and dandy with me. No awkwardness, cramps, or overall bitchiness. Alas, it was not fine and dandy with the doctor at the family planning centre. Oh well, so back to the small pink pills. Plus, I'm due for a one night indiscretion sometime this summer. Isn't it the Boy Scout's motto "Be Prepared"?