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My gawd... where the heck do I begin?

Addiction Awareness Week ended in a... well, fizzle. I can't even say it ended in a majestic fizzle. Heck, I can't even say that it ended. *rolls eyes* The gal that was going to present on Friday and get it taped (for her counseling practicum) is ill. That means, she is going to return at some point and do it. *sighs* What a pain in the....

Hey, at least that night, I finally shoveled out all the belongings of the previous teacher out of "my" desk. I kept the calligraphy markers and a few other things, though. *grins* Bad enough when you have your own junk, but when you start collecting others'...

Friday was spent with more inservices. Here's the question of the night: If both teachers and administration complain that we do not have enough "contact time" with the students, why do we have so many bloody inservices? *shrugs* I don't mind them; they give me a mental break. Friday was spent on Harassment in the Workplace (and I know all of you search for the "ass" in harassment) and Bullying. Were you aware that Mel Gibson was bullied in school for being fat? Were you aware that this little tidbit did not really rock my world in any shape or form?

Saturday night was spent at a Jazz festival. It was absolutely incredible! The first half was students from various town and cities performing their pieces and the second half was one of the Jazz bands from one of the Universities from the City. (Did that make any sense what so ever?) My continuing rant: The Music Students Association is damn lazy! This is the second concert I have been to that I have been denied my Rice Krispie square. Instead, more pop for sale (not even the staple watered-down Kool-Aid), and no chips from the vending machine this time! People actually had to go the vending machine themselves! *growls*
To return to my previous happy topic... I'm definitely getting back into playing again. I'm going to ask Booger for a Bari Sax (yes, I capitalise that) mouthpiece and some music for Xmas. I miss the low A that a bari sax can play.... kind of like a fog horn sound.....

Sunday was spent sleeping. I got up at 9:30 a.m., showered, ate breakfast, and then slapped myself silly. What was I thinking, getting up that early on a Sunday?!? So, I napped until 1:30 p.m. That's more like it. *grins* So, of course, I got no work done before I buggered off to my Momma's, and I'm unprepared for another week. Like that is any surprise.... Pfft!


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Nov. 23rd, 2004 11:43 pm (UTC)
Hey! Don't blame MSA for the no rice krispie squares. Sounds more like slacking on the part of Music Parents!

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