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More romance in the Slaughter House

I am so tired.

Work was hard today. I was one of the last people that left. I am so discouraged. Not that my life ambition was to be a skinner, but I'm not good at it. People keep telling me that I will get the hang of it, and just to keep practicing. I get so frustrated. I'm trying my hardest to be perfect, goddamnit.

I was thinking about slipping into a hot bath and testing what happens when you mix 2 Aleve (naproxen sodium tablets) with an alcoholic drink, but I had a phone message. My new glasses are in. It's about 7 years since I got new ones. They are purplish plastic. I've never had plastic frames before. So, I better have the pills and a quick shower so I can get there before the store closes.

As a side note, my stalker, Skinner Boy, is feeling better. A co-worker came up to me asking me if I was seeing anyone. Oh Christ, no I wasn't. Then he told me that he knew someone who was "sweet" on me. Before I could nod and say I knew it was Skinner Boy, he mentioned another name. We'll call him "Knife Man".

Well, well, well. Sure, add more conflict in my life. See if I care.