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The Grudge and new underwear

It's been awhile since I bought new underwear. My current collection has been in tip-top form in younger days. So, the other day, I went down to my local soulless corporation (known as Wal-Mart) and picked up myself a brand spankin' new pack of three. I am mesmerized by the fact I now have underwear where the elastic actually provides resistance. *grins* Ah, the deep thought one has when they are playing hookie. *giggles gleefully* Sure slept until noon today...

On other news, I went to our local theatre (our only theatre) to see The Grudge with hoo_baa_joo. *shrugs and grunts* the movie was okay I guess

And I would write more but i apparently screwed up my keyboard To write in lower case letters i have to have the cap lock on and i have lost all punctuation

until later>>>>