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*insert yawn here*

Dipshit and his brother were allowed back into class today. The person who is teaching poetry (the resource teacher "assigned" to my classroom wanted to do a bit of teaching) cancelled today and me being absolutely unprofessional, I wasn't ready for that. It doesn't matter, I only have 9 more school days until Xmas break.....

.... Even though my admin. has given me a "heads up" that I may have less students next term but I'm looking at "3 or 4 with bigger problems"...

.... Even though the other part of this program is tired of my admin. and is considering "mutany" and seeing if we can "trade" him for someone else ....

.... Even though I just want to quit and go to bed.

No, today wasn't that horrid. Some meetings and the usually hooplah here. *shrugs* I'm just tired. I quickly stopped off at home to get some Rice Krispie squares, and Happygoth mentioned that all he wanted for Xmas was the ability to be a kid again. *scratches chin* I've changed my mind: I want that too for Xmas. Screw the gift certificates! *grins*

On a positive note: I had a brief visit with hoo_baa_joo at Radio Shack and he was able to recommend what I should get Happygoth for Xmas. *wipes forehead* Whew... now, just to search out my office and see what various office supplies I can wrap this with.... *rubs hands evily*