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Bulimic Baby

Okay, I finally dragged myself out of bed and had a shower. Did that ever take some effort! *groans*

Last night was good. It was the supper and Xmas social for a few agencies in this town. Before I got there, aolfe and I got into a car accident. The guy was turning at an intersection while we were going straight. No one was hurt (except for the guy's radiator leaking everywhere), and aolfe dropped me off so I can fully enjoy "cocktail hour". Got to see some people I knew, got to eat some potatoes and salad (since most dinners do not take the vegetarian into mind), and got to drink a bunch of vodka.

Too much. Waaaaaaaaay too much. *insert green face here*

The Measure of a Good Friend: Letting me show up at your door for a drunken visit, and spend the time puking in your bathroom and passing out in your bed.

Thank you again.